Custom Windows Programming Services
   Do you need a special application, something that you can't find "Off The Shelf" or kludge together in a spreadsheet? We can take your specialty needs and create a standalone windows program with your business name on it that does exactly what you want it to do. Whenever you automate a process that was done by hand you gain efficiency, accuracy and speed. If you look around you would be surprised at just how many things there are that could benefit from being automated. We can write programs that automate office tasks as well as automate repetitive factory tasks. We can have an agreement where you own or licence the program. Microsoft only licensed MS-DOS to IBM and look at where they are today.

Update Your Existing Windows Programs
   Do you have an existing program that you need changes made to? We can take your existing program, change the source code and make the program operate the way you want it to. There are lots of times where a company has had custom software created for it that has not kept pace with the changing times. laws changes, businesses grow, the economy shifts. All these things can make an existing program obsolete. The main requirement is that you have the rights and access to the original source code that was used to create your program. Without the source code, only the simplest modifications can be made. More to follow!