Free Software Downloads
For your convenience, we have provided a few FREE utilities that you might find useful. Several of these are tools that I use when I am developing web sites.

Picture Resizer and uploader With Easy File Renamer(PicUp V1.5.0.2) Vista
This great utility help you with the ominous task of resizing and renaming a large group of pictures. Sevel option are available that allow you to select both the web siz and the thumbnail size of the pictures you selected. The renaming option allows you to get rid of the non-descript camera file name and make your own name. For example DSC1029387.jpg becomes "Johns Party_01,jpg"
Echo It - Audio Note Taker
This is a cool little audio utility that you can used to take audio notes for later use. The built in alarm function lets you replay any audio note at a preselect time, either once or daily
Find In Files
A great little utility that allows you to find words in every files in the selected directory.
XY Calc Aspect Ratio Calculator
Trying to figure out how to crop that picture to make it fit in the area you want without distortion. This utility is great for tah as well as calculating any other ratios.
Filezilla Open Source FTP Client
This is a must have tool for those of you that want to control your own web site and be able to transfer large files to and from your computer