Computer Repair
  We have been repairing computers of all makes, shapes and sizes for many years. You can bring your computer to us or we can come to you. Many times we can repair your computer on the spot at your location. Evenings and weekends are OK.

Data Recovery Services
  The very worst time to discover that you have not backed your data up for a while is after your computer dies. Lightning strikes and other serious system problems often lead to a computer that is not repairable. In most cases, your data is still stored on the internal hard drive and can be fairly easily retrieved. In the more serious cases where the hard drive has crashed retrieving the data can be extremely difficult if not impossible. We use special disk management tools to try to rebuild the file structure after a disk is crashed. Just remember, Backup Early and Backup often. backing up to CD's or DVD's is one of the better methods of backup. You might end up with an ever increasing stack of discs but the probability of losing you data goes way down. Backing up to an external hard drive is quick and easy but a hard drive is a mechanical device and will eventually fail. External hard drives also seem to have to most amazing capacity to get dropped and in so doing crash the heads.