Web Hosting
  Web hosting is a specialty like no other. You can get "Cheap" web hosting from one of the many thousands of providers out there. The up front cost may be less expensive but the amount of potential dollars that you could lose is immense. Many less than professional hosting services are little more than some guy with a couple of computers set up in his garage. A professional hosting service sometimes called a Web Farm usually has High Bandwidth connections to the internet, Ultra Fast servers, regular backups, Uninterruptible Power usually with backup generators, 24/7 technical support and more.

We use two top performing web farms for our web hosting with co-locations in the United States and Canada. We offer hosting plans that start out as low as $25.00 per month with large numbers of email addresses available. By us reselling top notch hosting to you, we relieve you of the headaches involved with the technical support of your site. If something goes wrong we are there to fix it without you having to worry about or understand the technical aspects of it all.

Site Maintenance
    From time to time you will want to make changes to your site that are not specifically controlled by your content management system. You might need a graphic changed or the color of some text or the formatting of a page, all things that would required you to have specific knowledge of the programs involved. Do you know how to remove a blemish in photo shop or how to change a cascading style element in HTML? If not we offer a great service for a small monthly fee. We offer two packages that can save you money. For $15.00 per month you get one hour of non roll over time that most small changes can be completed in. For $20.00 per month you get two hours of non roll over time with a 50% discount on our regular rate for time exceeding the two hours. This can save you a bundle when larger site changes are desired.