Search Engine Optimization
  You've worked so hard making sure everything is just right and now nobody can find you. You turn up on page 37 when you Google your keywords. Search Engine Optimization is somewhat of a dark art. Google and others keep changing the rules that could put you on top. Don't be distraught there are certain things to do and several to avoid when creating your site. Content is King, your page relevancy to your keywords is very important while keyword spamming might get you black listed. Links are OK but link farms are not. Good meta tags are essential but a site map and robots file might be even more important. In the ever changing world of SEO Google and others are constantly revamping their rating system to insure fairness and to help keep money in their own pockets. If the rules never changed and everyone has figured them out, then what would be the point of paying Google for adwords and click through's.

Organic vs Click Through
Organic optimization is the process of designing and wording your site to perform the best it can for a given search engine. The art of "Organic" search engine optimization takes time to bear fruit. It can take several month to start seeing the results of the hard work you have done. A Click through campaign essentially allows you to bid on keywords. When someone enter keywords into a search engine like Google, the company that has placed the highest bids on the keywords get displayed first. If a web surfer likes your ad and clicks on your search engine link, you are charged for the click. Sometimes a Click through campaign is the most efficient at getting you results. While this can be a costly approach to marketing your site, the results are immediate.

Other Marketing Techniques
Lets not forget to say a few words about other marketing techniques that can help gain customers for your site. Every Invoice, Business card, Flyer, T-shirt, Cap, Pen, Radio Ad, Newspaper Ad , Etc... Should bear your web site address. If you want to be seen nationally a few dollars spent on advertising in the Thrifty Nickel / Quick Quarter types of newspapers in major cities around the country can bring surprising results. A simple "Bookmark This Page" button on your site could make the difference between a page that is viewed once and a page that is returned to time after time. More visits typically translate into more sales.